Secret encounters of the variety kind-Affairs that turn you on

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A wise older Italian man once said, “you can’t expect to eat spaghetti and meatballs at home every single night of the week.  Sometimes you have to add some excitement in your life and go out for some well deserved steak!”-My apologies to all the Vegan/Vegetarians out there.


Since life is indeed short, very short and getting shorter everyday… are some options for your pleasure:

Big Breasted Women  are fun and very playfull.  You can be certain that you are a lover of big breasted women when you admit that they have been a turn on for you for as long as your remember.  Does it bring the little boy out in you or does it spark your inner self which has been supressed for a long time now due to your personal situation at home.  Remember all the fun you used to have as a teenager?  That boy is a man now, but, that boy is craving to come and have some adult fun with a gorgeous woman with big beautiful hooters.


What can be more classy than a stunning brunette?  Have you seen that “Zorro” movie when most of us were knocked off our feet by the ravishing Catherine Zeta-Jones? What a lucky man that Michael Douglas is!

Latino women have something very luring in them and I often thought that if the world or universe ever gave us men a true gift in this life, it surely must be Latino women.  Thank the heavens!


I really have to say about these incredible mothers that they are so nurturing, and fun loving, and any man who has not experienced this kind of fun loving and attention in their life is really missing the boat.  Rocking in our chairs later on in life, not having these mind blowing experiences to reflect on would be a real shame.

Redhead beauties give you extreme passion and energy unsurpassed.  Some things are impossible to describe using mere words.  Special women as exciting as these babes require action only.  Some readers will identify with me here, and others will just miss out and only imagine the magic in their dreams.  Stop dreaming and start living!

S & M What can I say?  Have fun :)

Urban Sorry, I’m a little confused here :(   But hey, who am I to question good clean exciting fun?

Lesbian Love is love, passion is passion. I love it! :)


Black Dating Hey “once you try Black, you never go back”! 

Latino Dating see above.

Chubby Links This is my personal favourite.  Being a bit chubby myself, I have always attracted slightly chubby women and men, let me tell you…my experience has been that nobody takes care of business like my beauty queens have.  Slightly chubby, more to love baby!

Sugar Daddy I am not there yet but one day my ultimate goal in life is to be some lucky womens sugar daddy.  Yes sir!  I will buy her everything she wants and she will treat me like a king!  I better hurry up and get my debt paid off first :(


Be discreet, keep it secret, have a fun and intelligent affair!



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