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No not every marriage is perfect and not all spouses love the one they are with and hence, the thought of secret encounters enters the mind and heart.  Many marriages are of a convenience nature, or have the couple stuck in the marriage because of the children or wealth?  Your partner may not look like they did when you were married and or health concerns may be an issue.  

Secret encounters are for those of us in a situation where life needs a change.  A little excitement perhaps, where both parties have consented to a secret encounter or secret affair but a very discreet one. Having a secret encounter can actually save each others marriage.  The benefits out weigh those of an affair; in the sense that one of the two can develop feelings and can actually lead to a divorce of a marriage.  

 However when you have two consensual adults married or not agreeing to a secret encounter, it is best that that both parties are aware of the fact that it is only a “secret encounter.”  This is the case for Ashley Madison discreet dating service website and others like it, where married people are able to look outside the marriage with no strings attached.  

A fun secret encounter, where both parties are getting the physical sex they need without leaving a marriage they have no choice to be committed too. I am a female married to a successful man, we have 3 children.  He has agreed to me having secret encounters but will not tolerate me seeing the same person over and over again.  We were on the verge of divorce; our sex life was boring…the same old thing.  Shortly before we were to see a lawyer, we discussed the possibility of having a secret affair and discovered this may be the answer.  He tried a secret encounter first and to my surprise it didn’t bother me a bit.  It was discreet and he never saw the same girl again.  

It was then my turn and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to my marriage.  I felt alive again and the depression that I had felt for the past 7 years disappeared.  My husband of course did not like it at first that I was so happy once again but understood it was something that we needed to save our marriage.  I was lucky to have a marriage where communication has never been a problem.  


Secret encounters for him has made him happier as well.  He does more around the house and his health has improved.  Our sex life remains the same nothing more then ok.  We have our secret encounters periodically and both of us have shed the unwanted pounds that depression brings.  

The people I see (my husband doesn’t go into details about his secret encounters) do not want anymore then sex and I get a variety of sex that I never new existed.  Even though I have been offered another secret episode from the same person along with other material things, my promise to my husband has been to see that person only once.  I don’t give out my number even under the influence and usually discuss that it is better to meet different people, with my secret encounter to enjoy the new experiences that I have.  

Secret and for us, healthy encounters have actually changed my life for the better and I would not change a thing.  My closest friend is married and very unhappy.  I have suggested secret encounters to her.  At first she was disgusted and said “I have feelings you know” but she did try out her own secret affair just this past weekend and has called me 14 times in 2 days.  I am glad she is experiencing the excitement that I have experienced, I like seeing her happy for once.  She has planned another secret encounter in two weeks with a different person and has spent $500 on new attire at the mall.  

Unlike myself she has not discussed it with her husband who is a prominent figure in the community.  I recommend a secret affair for anyone feeling like they are missing something in their marriage.  Instead of a divorce, it may actually save ones marriage.  Ashley Madison really does work and many have experienced exactly what they are looking for.  It’s up to you to decide whether you are ready for secret encounters.  If you attitude is one of guilt and dishonesty then you will fail.  If your outlook is healthy and positive, well then, I tip my hat to you-have fun!


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ATTENTION Please:   Ashley Madison   Well over 5 MILLION anonymous members are waiting for a discreet dating experience….Join the world’s most premier dating service-FREE-and change your life today-Guaranteed!


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