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Do you want to learn how to flirt with a girl or do you prefer flipping through the local married women personal ads.  If you want to take on a married woman you may just find that you don’t have to learn anything.  Instead, look out to be taught a lesson or two by an experienced woman seeking playful encounters of the discreet nature.

The married women personal ads

have a lot to offer you whether you are a younger man getting his feet wet or of the older denomination looking for some sincere but fun type of companionship.  Depending on how you prefer to flirt, married dating may actually welcome such a young type of, shall we say, foreplay.  

If your dating target is young and single women then there is no doubt you will need the art of flirting and a touch of attractive charisma on your arsenal.  Sounds like a bit too much effort to me and maybe this technique will lead to way too many no’s.  Why not consider the married women personal ads instead and catch yourself a real life experienced and easy to please “cougar”.

Married women personal ads are everywhere these days.  Yes, we certainly live in good time don’t we?  Grab any newspaper, magazine, other publication or the might internet.  Surf away and check out all the available and sometimes free sites that make it a very simple process to finding the woman that can satisfy all your desires.  Hold on now, what’s the catch here?  If it were that easy, blah blah blah.  Remember this folks, there will always be a price to pay for everything you do in this life.  Buyer or in this case, player beware!

If you do find yourself someone gratifying through the use of married women personal ads, here are some of the “red flags” to watch out for:

-why is she engaging in an extramarital affair or secret encounter with a total stranger
-what does she expect from this encounter
-how long is she planning to keep this secret dating going
-where does she envision the rendezvous to take place and carry on
-what is her motive here?  Is it revenge, looking for a serious sexual partner or just a fling
-when did she begin having these discreet affairs and how many partners is adequate for her

Does this seem like information overload to you?  You better get it right because there have been many innocent beginnings that have turned into nightmare endings.  Get clear on what you want from all this and make sure your partner is clear too.  Treat it like a business and keep the emotions out of it if you possibly can.

Last but not least, you owe it to yourself to keep your search for married women and their personal ads private and strictly confidential.  This is your affair and not the affair of anyone else.  
Have fun, learn a lot and play it safe.

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