Married Encounters

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Sidney has tried for months joining an assorted array of dating sites that showcase single women to find that special friend.  He is a single man and thus has not ventured towards dating services that center their business around married encounters.  Sidney was not searching for a serious relationship.  Rather, he was really interested in casual sexual encounters or to be more descriptive, looking to find some friends with a few extra benefits.  Noticing that single women wanted a relationship that was long term, Sidney began to change his focus to women that were more interested in a discreet fling.

Married encounters can be safer, less demanding and a lot more fun.  A married woman or man does not venture out to wreck their family or seek a partner to fall in love with.  Having said that, the truth is probably closer to “anything can happen” especially in the relationship game.  Sidney believed that in his case, a  married women will have lower expectations with the traditional relationship and more of an open approach to new encounters and thus a much less risk and demand placed on him.  An episode with a lonely wife or a happy wife may bring you advantages like,  being very discreet about their encounter.  The last thing they would want is to expose themselves to their family and friends.  


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Sidney began searching online for married encounters.  He knew from experience that he would get great results if he just played the numbers game.  This time though, he did not get the same reactions from women that he did with all the single women prior. Here are a few differences:


-too much competition
-too picky
-looking for love


-little or less competition
-less selective
-mature and experienced
-discreet and no noose around your neck
-looking for fun

Single encounters or married encounters, it is totally up to you.  Sidney found his place in the dating world and is having a great time.  His motto?  If one plus one equals 2 or more, then go for it and have a ton of fun.  Just as long as no one gets hurt in the process.

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