married cheating

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Married cheating has some serious consequences and we will take a closer look at some of the complications in this article.

The husband or wife could have been working very hard for many years to build financial security for the family.  When infidelity is discovered or reveals its ugly head, there is a serious risk of great financial loss due to the immediate de-motivation to continue on that financial progress path.  This could spell financial ruin for the entire family.

What does married cheating do to a persons ability to trust another partner.  Trusting anyone again can be something that will never be overcome leading to a miserable existence.  Hence, where the relationship is in jeopardy and never gets resolved, the break up will prove to be destructive to all concerned including and especially the children if any.

Here are some telltales if your suspect your wife or husband to be cheating on your marriage:

-you notice your spouse more jovial these days and they seem to be chewing a lot of gum
-they started wearing cologne or perfume more often
-they seem to be stepping out of the house more regularly  
-they begin missing the kids hockey game or soccer, baseball, whatever sport or dance
-they pull away from you and say, “sorry I am not in the mood right now”
-suddenly going out with the girls or boys is becoming common place
-the occasional phone call that when you are around seems to be a wrong number

Married and cheating is and has been proven to be an emotional killer for most people.  Is this something you may need professional help with or is your marriage that bad where you reach out for what appears to be better solutions but you soon learn…..”what a tangled web we weave when we first learn to deceive”?

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