Illicit Encounters

Illicit encounters can be random, at work, at the gym or even at your favorite pub.   These days with all of our technological advancements, most of us tend to visit sites specific to our desires.  A dating site.  Dating sites are designed just for that, people wanting to find that certain partner through taking a random chance on dating him or her.

Can illicit encounters outside your current relationship actually save your marriage?  There are countless people on the prowl that will admit to this being a truth for them.  Does it make it right if this belief is true?  A marriage that is saved or improved by one or both partners seeking other people to date could be a false reality and the marriage could be headed for complete atrophy.  Or will it?

“It really did save my marriage”, says one illicit encounters seeker.  Yet another illicit encounters believer says, “I feel like a lot of men like me feel;  My wife happens to be my closest friend and I really admit that she is a great woman, but on the other side of the coin, the physical attraction and the spontaneous fun moments have all gone out the window.  I would never ever leave my wife and she would never leave me either.  By me having some discreet, passionate and  harmless encounters from time to time,  I’m sure it can only enhance our marriage and help it continue to be a long term relationship.”

You hear it all the time.  You deserve to be happy too, or my life would be boring without my lover, and even woman who claim they don’t seek a lover for sex but mostly to find a friend that they can talk to.  Maybe that would be a great idea for a new site on the internet…secret illicit encounters for people who want to meet many people for friendship only and no sex allowed.

In the end, let the truth be told.  People are people and will forever look for happiness outside of themselves.  All they really have to do is take a moment to reflect within.  If you are reading this article you may be wondering what to do.  Should you move forward with this sort of experience or should you reconsider?  If you are the type of person who lives by the golden rule then you may have the answer already.  Good luck!

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  1. Illicit Dating Says:

    [...] Eddie is a middle aged woman fighting the urge to participate in illicit dating.  She felt guilty about it since she has been happily married for 7 years.  Eddie thought about it often.  She missed the zest she and her husband used to have in their relationship.  She detailed  her reasons and wrote them down in her diary before embarking on her extra marital illicit encounters [...]