Illicit Dating

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Eddie is a middle aged woman fighting the urge to participate in illicit dating.  She felt guilty about it since she has been happily married for 7 years.  Eddie thought about it often.  She missed the zest she and her husband used to have in their relationship.  She detailed  her reasons and wrote them down in her diary before embarking on her extra marital illicit encounters

. As her dating began and she got deep into it, despite keeping her cover safe at home she made friends with a second illicit dater who has decided to walk the same path.  Together they began to talk about what goes on between the extra marital sheets with the men they encounter and how they feel about it.

A year ago, Eddie would have told us in all certainty that she was very happy with her relationship and her life as a whole.  Illicit dating were words never to touch her lips.  Today she will admit that the whole fulfillment of her existence would now be a total fallacy and farce.  It would appear that Eddie has everything she could ever want and need but when it comes down to the “for better or for worse”, well, things have drastically changed.  The marriage vows she so wholeheartedly proclaimed after walking down the isle, have last their meaning.

What pushed Eddie to begin illicit dating when she tried so hard to fight it?  A conversation with a close friend helped her to analyze the pros and cons of  what Eddie felt she really wanted. She still wanted the security of being married to her husband.  She also had no intension of opting out of a fabulous family of in-laws she married into.  
Eddie listed down all the things in her life she believed she missed.
-Last but not least, sex

Eddie’s close friend suggested an extramarital affair, but a very secretive, discreet one and especially unemotional too.  There were just too many risks involved with illicit dating, according to Eddie.  She would have to consider the risk of potentially falling in love with someone new.  The question of immorality, the risk of exposure and the sneaking around in secrecy.  Absolute care would have to be taken otherwise major hurt would be brought to Eddie’s family.  A hurt that could last a lifetime.

Eddie’s story ends with her not feeling ashamed or badly at all with her new life of secret dating.  Today more and more people are looking for the same spice to life they used to have and maybe even a bit more.  Men and women are equally participating in this ever growing extra marital path.  Although many can survive the secrecy of it all, the same cannot be said of others.  It is a personal choice and can only be made by the individual wearing the shoes.  Your story may be different…illicit dating is not for everyone.

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