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How does it make you feel if you are having extramarital affairs or just plain cheating on your partner you live with?  Do you want to break free from the affair, and if so, why are you thinking about it now?  The answer to these questions may help you determine whether you will ever do it again if you decide to call it quits now.

Some cheaters break free from the affair because they got caught or someone they know found out.  Other cheaters come to their senses and realize that they have taken the wrong path and may cause some serious hurt and pain to their family, friends and those that used to admire them.  Things could turn extremely ugly when there are children involved too.  The other side of the coin can entail your lover being of the difficult nature.  Your lover wants more and may be threatening to expose your secret life. Is your lover really worth the turmoil they now bring to the relationship? Although chances are you will never be persuaded by to break free from the affair now maybe the right time for you to persuade yourself.

If you decide to break free from the affair, immediate action is required. It will be incredibly difficult if you both have fallen in love.  This would prove that you have been immature acting on your emotions rather than your common senses.  Easy now, don’t be so hard on yourself.  Secret affairs are not easy to break free from.  The cheating life path was chosen by you to fill a void and you have done that.  Perhaps you now understand that the grass is rarely greener on the other side. Be focused on your task at hand and get through the hurt now before it becomes magnified into a larger pain.

Here is how to break free from the affair and both your hearts in the meantime.  This has to be done so lets get it over and done with asap.


-call up your lover and claim you need to talk and it will not be good news.  Don’t play games here just be forward.
-meet at a public place for at least 30 minutes
-acknowledge that life is a journey and that it was nice to have shared a portion of that trip together but it has now come to an end
-be perfectly clear that ending the affair means just that.  You are not to ever see each other again as if they never did meet
-Be sincere and respectful as you both shake hands symbolizing a completed and done with business deal

Now that you succeeding in breaking free from the affair, begin to believe that the whole experience was but a dream.  Put it out of your mind and commit to eliminating it from your life.  If you are disciplined enough, you may keep the good times in the back of your head.  After all they are your times and belong to you and only you.  Let this be an experience that has helped you become a better person and make sure you choose never to get trapped in such a situation again or you will be faced again trying to break free from another affair!


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